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Samantha Gilbert

Samantha Gilbert

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My name is Samantha Gilbert, and I want to invite you to be apart of my revolution. Stop pretending the world is what you want it to be and start savoring it, good and bad, for what it is. Short. Complex. And Beautiful.

About Me...

I was born in 1992, the first of three children for my mother and father. I now have two sisters, both youger than me, who live with my parents. I am currently away at school, were my artistic abilitys were revreled in new depth, and continue to steadily grow. I really started seriously drawing and painting when I was fifteen, but I\'ve been interested in art since I was old enough to even understand it. I am a young artist, and still learning different techniques while perfecting myself in the process.Tthatˇ¦s what itˇ¦s all about anyway, isnˇ¦t it? Learning, experimenting, and making something the world has never seen before? I want to make my mark on the world, and even now, I am building the start to my many immortal portraits and portrayals of who I am, what the world is, and who I wish I could be.

Sometimes I think that the viewer finds it easer to appreciate realistic and perfect objects rather than their more abstract forms because it is simply easier. Why look at what it could be with alteration and imagination when you can show it as it is commonly seen?
Personally I think that the purpose of artwork is to explore feelings and ideas that are harder to see, something you have to feel and hunt for. Something in plain sight isn’t captivating. You need to have something deeper, something that maybe you can’t control, but perhaps you can capture, if not the whole picture at least a fragment. If you can find and capture a little bit of everything, piece by piece, then you leave a little bit less work for someone who sees what you’ve already done.

Painting isn’t something that can be invented, or otherwise explained. In a lot of ways I find my paintings of ‘nothing’ or ‘splatters’ far more real than anything that I can see with my own eyes.

My life will be different from yours, as yours from the next person, and so on. It’s like the artists responsibility to preserve some fragment of every life, yours and others, and everything in between. Something’s never change, but life is not one of them.




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